Sunday, July 31, 2005


Well, the bar exam is finally over. The studying really came to a frenzy at the end. I vaguely remember complaining that my mother was breathing too loudly – that’s how manic I became. Monday the A/C went in the house and I did my best to remain calm. Anyone who knows me knows how I am about being cool. I did my best not to freak out and THANK GAWD it was just a part that needed to be replaced and all was back to normal (well normal for the hottest day of the entire year) by Tuesday. I still barely slept Tuesday night, but at least I was not sweating to death.

Tuesday night was pleasant surprise #1. My mom baked my favorite, peach pie. Considering the heat I was doubly grateful she was willing to turn on the oven. Then I took a dip in the pool to relax. When I say “dip” I mean that the thought of going back upstairs to study after dinner had me so beyond burnt out that I took a flying leap into the deep end of the pool fully clothed! My brother (who was dislodged from his inner tube as a result) was the most shocked.

Wednesday went off pretty much as expected, well as expected as 200 multiple choice questions on fine points of law can go. I was exhausted from the night before. My brain would not calm down enough for me to sleep and I was too afraid of oversleeping to take Tylenol PM. True to his word, my father got up super early with me and drove me over an hour to the test site so I did not have to face the additional stress of sitting at the wheel in traffic silently loudly cursing. I have no idea how I did, and I think everyone who took it feels pretty much the same way. You can usually get it down to two choices, then it’s all guesswork.

I will say that I liked this testing location SO much better than where I was previously. It was at a hotel in a nice, carpeted, cool conference room. It was not hundreds of people sitting in an airplane hanger of a room with blowers going overhead and proctors wearing heels clicking all over a concrete floor as you sit in a metal chair. I was much more relaxed. Anyway, I found my chauffeur father waiting in the lobby for me afterwards. (No, he didn’t sit there all day. The guy did me an amazing favor, but he’s not insane. Well, most of the time …) I must have looked pretty beat because instead of taking me right to the car he took me to the hotel bar! (Pleasant surprise #2)

Thursday Dad wisked me back to said hotel and the essays were fine in the morning. SO glad I was able to type my essays. I am spoiled. I took all my exams in law school on laptop and I swear I can’t think straight or work efficiently on paper – oh and my handwriting is atrocious. The afternoon was another story. Three essays, three subjects I knew, but I couldn’t figure out what they wanted! I decided to write what I could and freak out later. After I got home I cried for quite awhile convinced that I failed. (Shut up, I AM a girl!) Then I went onto the JD Jive message board and found out that pretty much everyone thought the same thing I did about the afternoon essays. Now I am much calmer about the whole thing. Plus, it does me no good whatsoever to be paranoid for the next four months. (My dad clued me in to this – thanks dad.)

So anyway, that night I watched that new reality show The Law Firm (see previous post), which I will refrain from commenting on here (perhaps later in another post) except to say that it sucked worse than a five dollar hooker. (I know, I know, not like me to go to the misogynistic simile. Gloria Steinam would be appalled, but it had to be done, and now aren’t you all shocked.)

OK, everybody who needs to, go look up misogynistic at I’ll wait.

OK, you’re back? Anyway, the BEST pleasant surprise (#3 for those keeping track) was when I awoke Friday morning afternoon to find tickets to see Avril Lavigne on my desk. My mother knew I really wanted to go (like really, really, like a 15 year old in 1989 wanted to see New Kids on the Block really) and she knew I didn’t have the cash. Isn’t she awesome ?!

So now it is all behind me, at least until November. As a re-taker I know pretty much how it will go now. Everyone basks in the glow of post bar exam-ness of not having to study constantly. People try to get their adrenaline levels down to a somewhat acceptable level. Everyone you know will ask you how you did. When you answer that you don’t have a clue some will even push further. “Well, you must have some idea how it went!” Don’t feel guilty when you can’t give them a straight answer. They don’t know what else to say and they don’t understand it since they have never been through it. Try not to get annoyed. I say try because I try and it doesn’t work. All I can think of is “I have enough pressure from this exam without you badgering me about it!” Which is a total exaggeration, people are just trying to show concern. But I perhaps, might be, sometimes prone to overreaction so maybe others will have better luck at taking it all in stride and trying not to choke the interrogator. After all, they are just trying to be nice.

Sometime around mid October there will be much discussion about how unfair the whole waiting process is. Mumbles will circulate about how more graders should be hired because four months is just a ridiculous turn around time and how it only breeds tension. Once Halloween rolls around people are obsessively checking their respective BOLE websites (Board of Law Examiners for the non-lawyers) like CSI agents with a bad case of OCD hoping for some news on what date the results might be released. There might even be murmurings that the graders are guilty of intentional infliction of emotional distress . (Hey, they made us memorize all that stuff, might as well put it to good use.) Then finally a date will appear. I can only speak about NY and NJ here. They both announce a date when the results will become available online by candidate ID number. This is also the same day they mail the results. A few days later a list of successful candidates is posted and soon after eventually the written results come in the mail.

As for now, I am concentrating on finding a job and trying to relax and see all the wonderfully supportive and patient people I had less time for during this whole process. (I started that this weekend, more on that in another post.) JU one more week! JL when are we on for chili and a walk?!

BTW, for those who remember this post, I still have over 2 full bags of root beer barrels left!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


A friend sent me this site. It's called "Go Fug Yourself" and is a HYSTERICAL rant on the particular "outfits" some celebs seem to find perfectly acceptable to go out in, complete with photo goodness! It's not just the photos, it's the artful commentary! Allow me to illustrate:

What are you wearing, and why is it so weirdly nautical? And also low-cut? And also wrinkled? And...are those appliques? Are you serious? Are they supposed to be approximating...nipples? Seriously, I know she's playing your mother on this new show and all, but are you taking fashion advice from Melanie Griffith? Because maybe you're new, but she crazy. [Emphasis in original]
Now I know that doesn't really do you much good without the visual, but I don't want to steal the thunder of the writer who is one sarcastic bitch fashion princess! I literally laughed out loud - several times.

I know, I know, I have no room to talk, it's not nice, it will ruin my karma. BAH! I don't go out frequently ever looking like a fashion plate. (My outtfits of late as I study for the bar exam approximate more what I like to call "homeless chic" but I digress ...) However, I also don't put myself out there in the public as eye candy for the masses. As they say in the rules of evidence, if you "open the door" you deserve what you get.

I am also a firm believer that no matter how little (or how much) money you have you can leave the house looking decent and respectable. Everyone has their own sense of style, but some people ignore normal fashion etiquette of the times and/or occasion, ignore their current climate, or just refuse to accept the limitations of their personal body type. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, however an excessively heavy woman does NOT belong in a spandex catsuit. You've been to the mall, you know these people exist. I always wonder when I see them, do they not have friends or family? Was someone cruel enough to let them leave the house and venture out into public looking like they got dressed in the clowns' dressing room in the middle of a fire drill in the dark?

Perhaps someone should invent a gadget for people who are fashion challenged. It would look something like the metal detectors at the airport and they would pass through it every day on their way out the door. If the outfit exceeded the boundaries of good taste and/or common sense the machine would beep and refuse to unlock the front door until the offending person changed into something more appropriate.

Along the same lines I invite you to check out for the hideousness that are certain bridesmaid and wedding dresses. Here you can't fault the women wearing them as, chances are, some overly hyper bride-to-be or mother-of-the-bride did the choosing.

And while we're all feeling judgmental of complete strangers, check out Etiquette Hell which boasts stories of some of the. tackiest. behavior. ev-er. While most of thee faux paus don't involve clothing [some do though] they do speak to the general attitude of some people. I think that those people are the same people who allow their closest family and friends to walk out the door dressed like they chose their outfit from the spin cycle on laundry day at the prostitutes' convention.

I know, I'm going to hell. But look at it this way, you'll be there to keep me company.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


A Houston jury today found Delmy Ruiz guilty of aggravated assault in the severing of her ex-boyfriend's penis with a knife . . .

You just KNOW that sometime in the future this woman is going to turn up as a question on the bar exam ....

Friday, July 22, 2005


Now this show is right up my alley! AND, it debuts the night the bar exam ends!!
The name, "The Law Firm" could have been more original, but it does get to the point.
Read on ...
Real lawyers. Real cases. Real consequences. Executive producer David E. Kelley(The Practice, Ally McBeal) brings a real legal drama to television. Trial attorney and legal analyst Roy Black will manage 12 actual lawyers competing against each other while trying real court cases with judges and juries, resulting in outcomes that will be final, legal and binding. Each week, one legal eagle is eliminated and the top attorney will receive a prize of $250,000. With plenty of drama inside and outside of the courtroom, the result is riveting entertainment.

The compelling cases range from First Amendment issues to neighbor disputes to wrongful death. Distinguished judges will decide some of the cases, while a jury determines the others. In the end, the top attorney will win a prize of $250,000.

I am so there! (Even if my brain will be mush by then.)


This has to be one of the most bizarre sites I have ever seen. (Warning, if you are prone to procrastination you might want to stay away - you have been warned.)

Falling girl can be manipulated by your mouse to some degree when she gets stuck. It kind of reminds me of an episode of CSI where they throw dummies off of buildings or an overpass to recreate a crime.

And yes it IS creepy, but admit it, you were mesmerized.

I agree with Pete (who supplied the link in the first place) she would make an interesting screen saver.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I like to read my daily horoscope in the newspaper every day. As you may have seen from my previous post, I don't put all that much credence in it if it's bad but I use it to brighten my day when it is good. I have serious doubts that something printed in a newspaper could really apply to everyone born under the same sign, but I'll take good news where I can get it! Today's blurb was particularly appropo so I share it with you here:

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Keep that nose to the grindstone. [ya think?!] Move social matters to the back burner to work hard and impress the boss. [by "boss" I am thinking bar exam essay grader] Put off major decisions and avoid taking initiatives for the next several days. [Several days is a week, no?]

Since I am sure not everyone is waiting with baited breath to read my horoscope I will share the rest of the signs with you. I was just going to link you to the newspaper and let you see for yourself, however apparently the Asbury Park Press doesn't put them on the internet. So, looks like I have to retype them all. For you people .... all for you!

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Your charm and sex appeal put a positive spin on your reputation, but don't rely on personality to make it through tight spots. This isn't the time to take chances with career or push an agenda.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): If you ignore molehills, they won't turn into mountains. Remain sensitive to the moods of grumpy people who may pop into view over the next few days. Be smart and avoid conflicts.

CANCER (June21-July 22): No matter what they dish out, you can take it. The next few days can try your patience, but it's best to sit on your hands and avoid drastic reactions. Honor responsibilities and obligations.

LEO (July23-Aug. 22): Some temporary turmoil could be at hand, and the best way to deal with it is to stay cool, calm and levelheaded. Don't magnify negativity out of proportion, as you could make a crucial mistake.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Sit back and let other people spin their wheels. The best action under these stars is inaction. No matter how much aggravation you experience, don't slam a door behind you that might lock you out.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Stormy celestial weather is ahead for a few days, so batten down the hatches. Be careful to dot your i's and cross your t's in business matters and avoid taking unnecessary shortcuts.

SCORPIO (Oct.23-Nov.21): Toe the line for the next several days. You are a powerhouse of determination - but just don't try to bulldoze your way through any obstacles that appear. A wait-and-see attitude works best.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Take it easy. If you are in a hurry when everyone else is at a standstill, there could be a collision. Delay making major decisions and starting projects until conditions improve.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): It's the stiff and unbending tree that breaks in a storm. Avoid being rigid - and don't be such a stickler about the rules. You need to pay your debts, but give others some leeway.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): Girls (or guys) just want to have fun. Partners might be under a great deal of pressure and not amused by a playful attitude. Avoid signing contracts or otherwise wheeling and dealing.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): The atmosphere is taking a somber turn for a few days, so don't push your luck. Get those priorities in order and be sure to live up to responsibilities. Avoid conflicts with close friends.

OK, so MOST of these could apply to bar exam studiers. hmmm. Anyway, whether you are studying for the impending bar exam or not - ENJOY!

Note: These horoscopes are all from the July 19, 2005 edition of the Asbury Park Press and appear under the byline of Jeraldine Saunders.

Monday, July 18, 2005


I needed comfort food recently with this brain overload. My favorite cookies are snickerdoodles, which until recently you had to make at home. Well now Pepperidge Farm has come out with them, and since there is no way I am taking time to bake right now my mom was good enough to pick them up for me.

She hands me the bag and the first thing I noticed was the expiration date 10/15/05 and all I could think of was "wow, these cookies will be stale and I still won't have my bar exam results yet."

Yea, I'm losing it.

Otherwise the cookies were tasty, but predictably they are not nearly as good as when I make them from scratch.


Well is looks like Spencer Tunick is at it again. The infamous photographer who gets people to disrobe in the name of art all over the world recently hit the UK. There he managed to convince 1,700 men and women to pose in four locations, naming the shoot Naked City. It looks like another success!

While much of his work speaks to the viewer and might be considered sensual in some way, none of Tunick's pieces could be considered sexual or erotic. There are some excellent examples on his site and even a form where you can volunteer for a future project, if YOU personally want to "get naked".

I had heard some distant rumblings about this phenom a few years ago, but I really became a fan after his documentary Naked States aired on HBO earlier this year. That film chronicles his first major undertaking in trying to take at least one photograph of a nude in every state of the U.S. At the time it was made, Tunick was a relative unknown and it took quite a lot of quick thinking to convince total strangers to take off their clothes for his camera. I was particularly touched by the people who felt a sense of empowerment and a freeing of sorts after the experience. Nowadays he apparently has groupies willing to follow him to the ends of the Earth and pose wherever the mood strikes him.

A BIG coffeetable book of Tunick's work is something I aspire to own once I have some disposable income. Aside from being visually inspiring, it reminds us that at the core, when all the coverings and clothing and make-up and everything is gone, we're all pretty much the same underneath. And not everyone looks like they belong in Vogue or GQ, and get this, a lot of people don't care about that kind of thing and revel in who they already are.

Go check out his work. No really, it's good stuff.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


I was reading this article that I found over on my favorite news site FARK. It's all about the decline of those brass poles that firemen slide down to reach their trucks in a hurry when an alarm sounds. It was one of those articles I love, about something so random but fascinating that you just don't come across everyday.

Anyway, I don't think the author proofread for clarity (or else he has a wicked sense of humor). I think this because of the following quote directly from the article:
In New York City's firehouses, veterans have a deep affection, even a zealous sense of protection, for their poles.

Yes, I know it's rather juvenile, but I laughed out loud. It's hysterical in a Beavis and Butthead sort of way. I don't know how this guy got past his editor (unless they are both naive, or have I just got my mind in the gutter?), but anything that makes me laugh out loud this close to the bar exam is a good thing! (Maybe I laughed because I am a bit punchy at this point too, but I digress ...)

Then I started thinking that the innuendo pertains to the purient interest . . . blah blah blah. That's when I knew I was reviewing too much Con law. If you can go from gutter mind innuendo to Constitutional Law 1st amendment rights in three seconds or less it's definitely time to take a break.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


All the naysayers of the Garden State take note: CNN Money has named the number one "Best Place to Live 2005" as Moorestown NJ. Also in the top ten was Chatham, NJ at number nine. Other NJ notables were Princeton at number fifteen and and Hacketstown at number seventy-two.

The locations are chosen based on such factors as population growth, real estate appreciation and proximity to teaching hospitals and airports. Towns in the bottom 25th percentile for unemployment, income growth, crime and art resources are eliminated. For more on the data and fact gathering see Behind the Best Places.

I was pretty excited by these rankings (as excited as I can be about "rankings"). I view them the same way I view mass horoscopes in the newspaper; if they are good I enjoy the positive news, if they are bad I dismiss them as bunk. The news about NJ is good and I am going to enjoy it!

One caveat about the list though, as it turns out number twenty-eight, Wexford, PA doesn't even exist! Oops! It turns out that Wexford is a post office designation for four surrounding communities. Wexford doesn't have borders or a mayor or even collect taxes! I guess that would make finding the town square a tad difficult. Incidentially, Wexford was chosen for its high incomes, increasing real estate values and rising population. Pretty good for a post office designation!

Ha! Even a fictional town could not beat the eleventh state of the union.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Has anyone else tried to listen to the PMBR Contracts CDs w/ Daniel Fessler?

I tried last night and I cannot make heads or tails of it. So far I have been listening to the CDs on a headset and typing the notes as if I were actually in the lecture. This worked great for Torts and Constitutional Law, but last night I tried to start Contracts and it was a mess. The lecturer seems to be well versed on the subject and he tried to interject a joke or two, which I appreciate. However, it seems to me that he is SO well versed that he tends to meander all over the place. I try to do these notes in an outline format if at all possible, but it was impossible w/ this CD. He goes from one subject to the next. Are we under "Offer and Acceptance" have we moved on? Why are we now talking about remedies all of the sudden and why do the hypos take 20 minutes to explain?? In between all this he is referring back to the 6 main questions to ask for any Contracts question. Well that's great, but since these "questions" each cover a myriad of topics I can't make them my section headers, so now my outline is all messed up. I finally gave up and went to bed.

My Barbri Contracts notes were excellent and I condensed them. I actually finally understood contracts when I took Barbri. My class first year was a wash and the professor hated me. Who teaches rememdies first semester then backtracks to Offer and Acceptance in the second semester?!? When I finally realized that guy was doing everything completely backwards I gave up paying attention and decided my time was better spent on Ebay for those three hours a week. That might not have been the best course of action at the time, but I digress.

So anyway, I think I might just review my condensed outline and forget about PMBR for this one topic, or else listen to the CDs in my sleep or something in the hope that something sinks in.

If anyone else can make sense of Fessler let me know, maybe I am missing something.


It's kind of graphic, but those of you who are suffering the same fate studying know what I mean. And once you get over the gore isn't it also really funny?! Or am I just losing my mind?
Borrowed from the blog of Pete's friend Jean.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


So I was checking out FARK News to relax my brain while I switch from torts to contracts. I was reading this article about a family in Kentucky who have a pet lion!!! Now normally I would read this and think what idiots they were and how this is likely to end in disaster, etc. I have gotten used to viewing the whole world from a "who has liability" standpoint since my 1L year.

However, this evening I suddenly began to hear Bob Feinberg's voice telling me in his suave PMBR style that:

The possessor of a wild animal is held strictly liable for the harm or injury that the animal causes another person. Injury fleeing from a wild animal is still proximately related to the animal’s dangerous propensities and you can recover.

So I continue to read and find out that:

Simba's cage is a chain link fence with electric wiring. The wires will give Simba a shock if he tries to get out, but neighbors said that's not good enough.

You betcha it's not good enough because according to Feinberg:

Defanged or de-clawed lions and such don’t count, a wild animal still triggers the strict liability, you cannot domesticate a wild animal, and no amount of prevention or safeguard will save you.

Of course this is a very obvious example, but my problem is I did this with every article. I can't NOT think about the bar at this point and I can't decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess I should just be happy I remembered so much. Of course you realize that this now means that there won't be any mention of wild animals in two weeks. But I can hope ....

As an aside, the owners say that "Simba" [oh that's original] is very "laid back". Uh-huh, suuure he is, until he decides that the little dog he is sharing a cage with is a scoobie snack. And I was wondering something, since when do you feed lions BREAD?! I'm thinking there is not a bakery in sight in the African plains.

And just how does one acquire a lion? It's not like you can go down to the local Petsmart and pick one up. If you could I bet they would also have "Lion Chow" or something because lions certainly should not be eating bread! Now I am completely off topic, because now I am wondering how the in-store lion obedience classes would work. Do you offer them treats as a reward? Does everyone have to bring their own chair and whip? And imagine the litter box!!

OK, that's enough mental meandering. Before you know it I will be off on a rant about the South Carolina guy who had his toddler in the apartment with his pet alligator and all his drug paraphernalia. That sounds like a crim/torts hypo from hell, no?

Anyway, Contracts awaits.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the most hysterical Craig's list posting ever.

Go read it.

You know you want to.

What are you still doing here? Go!

Shamelessly stolen from GG.


If you happen to be cooking dinner for your family (because you feel guilty that your mother is incredible sick) and your mother decides to "help out" (say perhaps because you bitched about cooking dinner in the first place because there is studying to be done) keep her AWAY from the salt shaker.

If you don't follow this simple tip, then you could end up with a situation where you BOTH salt everything [meat, vegetables, pasta] and then mix it all together and serve it - only to find out that it tastes like crap. [Which she won't care cause she can't taste anyway, but YOU are ticked because you just spent time cooking something that you now don't even want to eat].

Just a little advice from me. Not that I would personally know anything about that.
I'm just saying hypothetically .....

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Brought to you by


Yea, the bar exam is getting close. I have now completely given up on TV and a bunch of other things. People studying for the bar are a completely different group. If you have never been through the experience, while we all appreciate your kindness and attempts to be understanding, you will just never get it. Everyone tries to find their own way to remain sane. I still continue to read the online news to see what is going on in the world and the one thing keeping me from finding my very own clock tower complete with AK47 is reading two blogs written by other exam takers.

You have heard me mention GG over at A Girl Walks into Bar [Exam] before. I recently discovered her regular non bar exam related blog is good too, but sadly I don't have time to read something else, so for now it's on my "wait till August" list. Not being around my classmates I am strangly isolated from other bar takers. The advantage is I won't get all wrapped up in the mass hysteria from other people stressing out, however it also means I have no one to commiserate with and even though the parentals have been trying to be understanding [See previous post], I still want to rip of anyone's head who even breaths too loudly.

This mood of mine was encapsulated perfectly by this guy Jay over at Open and Notorious. The short temper, the intense sensitivity, the crying jags. All right HERE. I'm not even going to quote from it. The entire thing is fantastic. If you have ever, or are currently studying for the bar exam you need to read the whole thing. Go. Go now.

That is all. You may now return to your regularly scheduled life. I will return to my PMBR CDs. I am studying for the bar exam, ergo I have no life.


OK, so I am hitting that "2 weeks before the bar and I am totally not ready" panic stage. I got some excellent advice from friends who have been through the experience (thank you GV and RM, you rock!) and I am studying as much as my little eyeballs allow. [I have recently discovered that I am slowly becoming bleary eyed and cross eyed and have had to revert back to glasses from contacts in order to rest my eyes, but if that is the worst of my worries I am OK.] But I am still quite frazzled.

I have been running into pleasant surprises of late and it made everything so much more bearable that I had to share with you. It all started yesterday when GV, lawyer pal from way back when I was a naive college freshman, calls to tell me that even after he spent his Thursday night giving me essay tips [instead of packing for his impending move in a week!] he spent time and went to his parents' house during a break at work and unearthed some old Bar books that I might find useful. I was touched and I dutifully went to pick them up from him. He even told me I could write in them!

Today was even better! I was planning to go visit my former roommate who is a bar exam essay wizard for some tips and whatnot. [Props to her for all her help and for giving up most of her Saturday for me.] My father informs me that he is going to change my oil before I make the 90 minute drive to her place. OK, I can be patient, he is doing something nice for me right. So he does the oil change and then heads off shopping. I get into my car for my little roadtrip. I knew in advance that I was down to less than a quarter tank of gas and needed to stop before getting on the highway. The price of gas coupled with my bare bones bank account added to my stress but since the car refuses to run without the stuff I relented. I start the car and LO AND BEHOLD dear old dad filled my gas tank!!! Woo hoo! Thanks Dad! That was #2 pleasant surprise.

Number 3 pleasant surprise came from my former law school roommate. Not only did she give up her Saturday for me, but she had thought ahead and had me do outlining drills for practice essays and then read me the model answers. She is so good to me! I am sure going over bar review was not her idea of a good time. On top of all that she took my poor, non-lawyer butt out to dinner!!

Number 4 pleasant surprise came when I got home. First some background. I have become obsessed with the candy called "Dad's rootbeer barrels". I bought them one day on a whim at this little deli in the middle of nowhere about 25 minutes from my house. I started eating them whenever I studied. After a few days of this I decided that if smell is the first layer of memory [both to make and retrieve memories] and taste and smell are linked then if I eat this distinct tasting candy while I study and THEN eat it during the bar exam I might have a better chance of recalling the information. Sounds like a dandy [if farfetched] theory right? One small problem, I ran out of said candy. I was not about to spend gas and time to go all the way back to that little deli so I bought "rootbeer candy discs" at the supermarket. UGH, BAD, NASTY, VILE candy! [What did I expect for 99 cents?] So they went in the garbage and I resigned myself to abandoning this taste/smell/memory experiment.

However, [here comes the pleasant surprise part] tonight when I got home from roommate's house I went upstairs to turn on my computer and found an entire bag of the root beer barrel candy! My mom [who is battling a nasty cold right now] went out to the deli in the middle of nowhere and got me more! She's awesome sometimes. But wait! It gets better! I go downstairs and thank her, come back upstairs and head to the bathroom and find ANOTHER bag of candy on the vanity! Woo hoo, with 2 bags I can now study and have more for the exam! But WAIT, there's more! I go into my room and sit down on my bed to read my mail for today and as I sit down, I find under the covers is a THIRD bag of candy!!! I am in rootbeer barrel heaven!!

So anyway, Bar review books, practice essays, gas and root beer candy - that's what does it for me now. Whatever makes the day easier .... I'll have to remember this the next time I get mad at my parents. :)

UPDATE: Went into the craft room [where I like to study since there is a huge wide table with plenty of room and NO TV so I am not distracted] and what do I find?? ANOTHER BAG OF ROOT BEER BARREL CANDY!! This puts the talley at FOUR bags! This is better than hunting for Easter eggs!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Well, looks like some smart folks out at CU-Boulder have found that walking slower increases calorie consumption and therefore leads to greater weight loss. Check out the details in the press release.

Ray Browning, a doctoral student in CU-Boulder's integrative physiology department and lead author on the new study, said the results show that people who walk a mile at a leisurely pace burn more calories than if they walk a mile at their normal pace. In addition, those who walk at 2 miles per hour rather than 3 miles per hour reduce the loads on their knee joints by up to 25 percent.

The study also found that obese people tend to burn less calories than thinner people with the same amount of excess weight artificially attached to them. The hypothesis is that obese people compensate for moving with extra weight by walking differently, thereby "saving calories".

Because obese people generally have heavier legs, wider stances and swing their legs in a wider arc, the researchers expected the cost of walking for obese people to be significantly higher.
My personal favorite quote from the article was the following:

"As people become gradually obese, they also seem to become particularly graceful," said Kram. "There appears to be some sort of a physiological drive for them to minimize the amount of energy they expend."
While scientifically this is interesting, it is outwardly amusing. Are these people really trying to tell me that the more weight I gain the more graceful I will be? It brings to mind images of a hippo in a ballerina's tutu.

All kidding aside, the results of the studies were enlightening, and I applaud anyone who undertakes a regular exercise program no matter what their current physical state. Since so many people (young and old, heavy and slender) tend to find issues such an excercising and diet challenging the info is worth looking at.

Now I think I'll go out for a walk ... a slow walk at that!

Monday, July 04, 2005


Below are some links of interest for the 4th of July holiday:

Find out the science behind fireworks !

Send an encouraging email or even a care package to a serviceman (or woman) overseas; check out and Operation Dear Abby. Whether you support the war or not, support our troops. Each and every one of them is someone's brother or sister, husband or wife, son or daughter.

Check out the history of our celebration of the birthday of the U.S.A. HERE.

Friday, July 01, 2005


OK, so maybe my reputation is slightly deserved. Most of the posts on this site can speak to that, but really, "crazy" I think is a bit much. The following is an excerpt from a convo, some parts were left out for clarity.

TooMuchPete: Because you're a crazy feminist.

TooMuchPete: So you deserve to be harassed.

TSCGirl: i am not a crazy feminist

TooMuchPete: Whatever.

TSCGirl: i still want to know why u think i am a militant feminist

TooMuchPete: Just strike me as one, that's all.

TSCGirl: [sigh]

Pete, it's your own fault for creating that nifty AIM conversation generator .... hee hee this could be trouble for quite a few people I know.