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So funny I had to share ...

Do moms get some kind of handbook when they become parents or does this woman know my mom personally?? So spot on, LOL!


Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I bought a hematite ring in New Hope, PA a couple of weeks ago. I knew it would help ground me and repel negativity. The last time I bought one, on my 30th Bday, it shattered about a month after I started wearing it. Apparently I overwhelmed another one:

I've had a lot going on recently as far as intense emotion followed by surprising calm. I see the situation, see the catalyst and let all the anger and hurt just float away. It sounds flakey, but I was happily surprised about the development of my psyche. I felt almost enlightened and increasingly positive the past couple of weeks. While there are a number of factors, I think that ring played a part. So I decided [in my typical law school brain-washed way] to do some research.

From Jewelry Supplier:

For those who follow the Wicca, New Age or believe in the Spirit World, Crystals, Minerals, Rocks, Semi-Precious Stones and metals can have powers for Astral Travel, Aura Cleansing, Channeling, Cosmic Awareness, Crystal Healing, ESP, Meditation, Psychic Communication, Psychic Energy and Transcendental Meditation. They also believe a crystal can have crystal magic that gives it the ability to connect to spirits, spirit guides, spiritual energy and help with channeling spirits and increase cosmic awareness.

Followers of the New Age religion believe that as the symbol of the Roman God of War, Hematite is a stone of protection, a belief originating from the Roman belief that it could protect and strengthen warriors going into a battle. In modern times, the powers of protection that spiritualists apply to the stone has expanded into the spiritual realm, where they believe Hematite can transform or absorb negativity or evil. It is also a worry stone with excellent emotional grounding properties that calm the mind and clears it of the distractions of stress. In this state, the person is ready for exploration of higher levels of consciousness. With this calming effect, they consider it helpful in meditation leading to astral projection and the communication of love’s energy. Further, they say that Hematite is a lawyers’ stone that brings positive judgments in legal matters and it is a stone that helps one remain true to his or her inner self. Hematite is associated with the Wicca Sabbats of Imbolc, a celebration of the approach of Spring and Samhain, which is Halloween, the Wicca New Year.

The number 4 and number 7 vibrations correspond to Hematite.

From Meta Stones:

Popular as a New Age, Pagan and Wicca gemstone hematite is considered to help in healing blood related ailments such as anemia, heart, kidney and liver diseases, cardio-vascular weakness, menstrual cramps, and nose bleeds.
Hematite has a wonderfully grounded energy with the ability to bring about a calm mental state, improve memory, mental focus and concentration, bolster self-confidence and practicality in everyday matters whilst increase the effectiveness of logical processes of the brain. It is a stone of protection and strength.

From Tween the Shadows:

Hematite The root "hem/o" means "blood". When ground or cut, this blackish grey metallic stone forms a reddish powder. Hematite forms a reflective shield around the wearer, letting negativity bounce off and return to the sender. The bearer should remember however, that their own negativity will be reflected to them if they are its source. It is therefore a "lesson stone," teaching the aware to release and ground their negativity. It heals and cleanses the blood and improves memory.

Excerpts from: Controverscial:
Written and compiled by - Patricia Jean Martin [Emphasis Mine]

Metaphysical Properties:
Astrological Sign(s): Capricorn, Aries

Element(s): Earth, Water

Chakra(s): Root

Mental attunement, Clarity, Focus, Memory enhancement, Courage, Strength, Grounding, Cooling, Clearing, Calm reasoning, Promotes tranquility, Dissolves negativity, Meditative, Promotes self-control, strength, stability, originality, Attracts harmony, Protection.

[Her] own thoughts and experiences:

No pun intended, but Hematite does have what I call an Iron Will. It is a very pragmatic stone - an Iron Maiden, although Iron Master may be more fitting, as it exhibits a strong vital masculine quality. Not only does it get to the root of any issue, the blood and guts of what is surrounding you... but once there, it will make you face what it is showing you and will push you hard to see those bare-naked facts that are staring you in the face. It will also then prompt you to act on those facts in whatever way need be, by lending you courage, strength and protection.

I find Hematite is a powerful stone for divination - I have a pendulum made of Hematite and it works very well, much better than two others I possess. Hematite's head-straight-for-the-root properties I believe make it an excellent choice for the purpose of divination. It is also good for scrying.

Hematite is an excellent choice of stone for any mental clarity that one may need or desire to obtain. One of our customers orders pounds of this polished mineral and proceeds to distribute it to her students, and is now teaching widely about the useful qualities of Hematite. She feels...and quite rightly so...that Hematite promotes a clarity of mind and the mental adroitness to help children (and adults) when taking tests or studying. It does this by being able to cut through and clear away the extraneous and the trivial - it has the ability to sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak - and thus allows for keen focus on the main and most important root facts. I find in working with the stone that it clears my head and takes me out of the clouds (as Air and its realm sometimes suits this Libran all too well!); it lends stability, but does not inhibit forward movement and, in fact, promotes it. In that, it also inspires one to achieve. I feel it is a creation stone. Hematite can plant my feet firmly on the ground and better connect me with the Earth, but, unlike other grounding stones, it tends to help me integrate the physical, mental and the spiritual. It helps me understand the very basic building blocks upon which we can more readily understand how to move with the natural flow of things. Through that, I obtain strength, vitality and a will to be one with the mountains as I go about moving them.

Hematite is a strong and courageous stone. It is somewhat grounding, and yet forceful as it magnifies the succinct essence of any situation and any thought. It takes you to the very beginning of an issue... to its its core. Personally, it will allow you to feel the very quintessential message and rhythm of your mission here. In that, it is the perfect stone for helping one gain a better understanding of "as above, so below." It asks you to remember and to honor that which you came here for. It helps you see clearly what you are perfectly capable of manifesting here on Earth while working in your truest form of Spirit. It asks you to be you. Right here and right now.

And finally;
From Witchcraft Supplies:

Droplets of Dragon's Blood were believed to be the source for Hematite. Known to Enhance Mental Capabilities, Hematite will encourage you to reach your full potential by breaking the barries of self-limitation. A wonderful grounding stone, Hematite will aid you in achieving Peace, Self-Control and Inner Happiness.

Wow, it's like this stone was meant for me. I think I might drape myself in hematite. :)

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