Friday, July 01, 2005


OK, so maybe my reputation is slightly deserved. Most of the posts on this site can speak to that, but really, "crazy" I think is a bit much. The following is an excerpt from a convo, some parts were left out for clarity.

TooMuchPete: Because you're a crazy feminist.

TooMuchPete: So you deserve to be harassed.

TSCGirl: i am not a crazy feminist

TooMuchPete: Whatever.

TSCGirl: i still want to know why u think i am a militant feminist

TooMuchPete: Just strike me as one, that's all.

TSCGirl: [sigh]

Pete, it's your own fault for creating that nifty AIM conversation generator .... hee hee this could be trouble for quite a few people I know.


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