Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Bar Exam Part II

This is a post I did not look forward to writing, but nonetheless I promised to keep everyone updated. I received my NY bar results this past month and I did not pass.

For those unfamiliar, NY's exam has 22 subjects. I have no doubt that I have a command of all the material as my final score for the NY exam was 659 [you need 660 to pass]. I still cannot decide if being ONE POINT out of a possible 1000 points from passing is a good sign or a bittersweet slap in the face.

In any event I will be re-testing in February. Now being more familiar and less trepedacious about the process, I am hopeful that I will be successful this time.

I finally decided, after much thought, that I am not going to let this exam beat me. If I can come within one point out of 1000 of a passing score then I can certainly do better next time. There were other, more practical, factors involved, however the end result is that I have decided to take both exams again in February.

Cross your fingers for me - that is all for now......