Monday, July 18, 2005


Well is looks like Spencer Tunick is at it again. The infamous photographer who gets people to disrobe in the name of art all over the world recently hit the UK. There he managed to convince 1,700 men and women to pose in four locations, naming the shoot Naked City. It looks like another success!

While much of his work speaks to the viewer and might be considered sensual in some way, none of Tunick's pieces could be considered sexual or erotic. There are some excellent examples on his site and even a form where you can volunteer for a future project, if YOU personally want to "get naked".

I had heard some distant rumblings about this phenom a few years ago, but I really became a fan after his documentary Naked States aired on HBO earlier this year. That film chronicles his first major undertaking in trying to take at least one photograph of a nude in every state of the U.S. At the time it was made, Tunick was a relative unknown and it took quite a lot of quick thinking to convince total strangers to take off their clothes for his camera. I was particularly touched by the people who felt a sense of empowerment and a freeing of sorts after the experience. Nowadays he apparently has groupies willing to follow him to the ends of the Earth and pose wherever the mood strikes him.

A BIG coffeetable book of Tunick's work is something I aspire to own once I have some disposable income. Aside from being visually inspiring, it reminds us that at the core, when all the coverings and clothing and make-up and everything is gone, we're all pretty much the same underneath. And not everyone looks like they belong in Vogue or GQ, and get this, a lot of people don't care about that kind of thing and revel in who they already are.

Go check out his work. No really, it's good stuff.


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