Sunday, June 11, 2006


I went out and bought a bike! I have not ridden one in almost 15 years, but I decided awhile ago that I wanted one because #1 it would be fun and #2 I need the exercise. I shopped around at a few places and even test rode some bikes. [Sidenote: they don't like it when you ride bikes in Walmart, in fact they threaten to remove you from the store. Just an FYI.] I ended up getting this baby at a bike store where I have lots of nifty warranties and a free 6 month checkup. AND I got to ride as many bikes as I wanted all over the parking lot until I found one I liked.

It was not cheap, but I think it was worth it since I don't want it to break after riding it only once or twice.

Isn't it beautious?!


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