Saturday, May 20, 2006


No, I am not talking about marriage. [Hint: Some people think you might get hairy palms or go blind.] I am talking about another word that I cannot type - cannot even say. I am so easily embarrassed that I will blush quite profusely if someone else says this word in my presence. No, I'm not against the practice, but for some reason I am extremely shy when it comes to that topic. [I don't see why people have to go around discussing such things, although I am not such a prude when discussing other topics in the s-e-x genre, but I digress.] I was once at a party where the host [and his parents] began chanting this word along with other guests simply to make me say it. I did not. I believe I turned a shade of red that bordered on purple though.

So, why am I discussing a word that I won't even say? Because apparently there is an entire month dedicated to the *ahem* pasttime. See related info here & here. [Be warned: that second link is NSFW.] Like I said, I'm not against the activity, I just can't SAY it.

So yea, it's May - go and umm, enjoy?!


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