Friday, March 09, 2007


Feast One Hundred and Thirty Four

What is your usual bedtime? Do you like that, or would you rather it be different?
11pm during the week, who knows on the weekends. I am a night person, so I tend to get more done late at night. When I was in law school I scheduled all of my classes late in the day and routinely stayed up till 2am. These days I am more than ready to zonk out at 11.

When it comes to advice, do you give more or receive more?
It's about equal.

Describe a memorable meal you've had.
My family and I went to my favorite [and also expensive] restaurant down near Atlantic City to celebrate when I passed the bar exam. That was one of the happiest meals of my life. It was my parents, my brother and his wife and daughter. I had steamed mussels and shrimp bisque and stuffed lobster tail and amazing banana cream pie. We drank and toasted and had a fabulous time.

Main Course
Name a work of fiction that affected the way you think about something.
To Kill a Mockingbird - it made me think long and hard about a lot of things. That's one of the reasons it is my favorite book.

What is your favorite type of fruit juice?
Pink grapefruit usually



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