Friday, March 28, 2008


If you live in Bergen County you are most certainly in NORTH Jersey, Atlantic City falls quarely in SOUTH Jersey. CENTRAL Jersey is defined a million different ways, and everyone has a distinguishing factor. If you live in NJ, especially anywhere that is not obviously north or south this is a never-ending debate.

NJ Monthly Magazine had a cover story on it back in Janurary of '05, and various folks have made declarations over the years. The Newark Star Ledger added to the debate this week by flouting a new combination documetary/book/blog in their article Drawing the Line.
Filmmaker Steve Chernoski has heard them all. The Hoboken resident is making a documentary about the "Where's the dividing line between North and South Jersey?" question-- and why New Jerseyans are so passionate about their answers.
Some interesting lines of demarcation used are:
  • Route 195
  • whether you cheer for the Philadelphia Eagles or the New York Giants
  • if you refer to a certain sandwich as a "hoagie" or a "sub"
  • how close the nearest Wawa is

What do YOU use to distinguish? And for the Garden State dwellers; do you consider yourself north, south or central? Post your comments here, or get in on the debate at Chernoski's blog


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