Thursday, October 12, 2006


I know recently I have been posting a whole lotta nuthin, save the Friday's Feast. I have been having some health issues and rather than complain a whole lot and post a bunch of TMI and/or none of your beeswax type stuff I have just been laying low. Luckily things seem to be on track now. [Thank heavens for my prescription plan.] I know I need to take better care of myself and self medicating with Johnny Walker Black and/or Yukon Jack would not be socially acceptable. :) On top of everything else I just had my first ever root canal. THAT was a barrel of fun. Luckily everything seems to be moving along as expected, and I don't have to go back to have it finished for a couple of weeks.

Other than that I am plugging along. I have been trying to get more exercise. I have been reading The United States of Arugula recently and I just finished Anonymous Lawyer for the second time. I devoured it so fast the first time that I had to go back and reread it. [I owe Jeremy a review, I know, I am such a blog slacker.]

I am still on what feels like the longest employment search EVER. I am running out of places to send blind resumes and postings for someone with my level of experience are few and far between. Soon I will also have to compete with all the people who pass the bar in November. [Happy for them, sad for me.] At this juncture I am just very, very frustrated and disappointed. I have been waiting my whole life to practice law and this last hurdle is really frosting my cookie. I am trying not to comaplin or go on about this topic too much, but I am beyond exasperation right now, and unsure of where to go from here. The entire process is so arbitrary. Doctors graduate, get interships, then become residents and then get offers. Lawyers graduate, with little or no practical experience, wait a gazillion weeks to find out bar results and even when you pass and then you're just expected to fly into something. I didn't clerk [a mistake in hindsight], the firm where I summered both years no longer exists and I am just floating in some in between place where I need experience to get a job, but I need a job to get experience. Apparently I am not the only one frustrated by this process.

In happier news my mom and I rescued the cutest cat the other day. Apparently my mom was on an afternoon walk and saw a cat trapped under a sewer grate. It was very friendly and let her pet its paws, but was too big to get out. She called animal control and left a message so they could rescue it. Several hours later [after my dentist appointment - ick] we drove past that area again and the cat was still in there!! [!@#$%^&* animal control office] Having more experience with cats than my mom, I reached in and petted it to calm it down, then grabbed the nape of its neck and tried to hoist it out. It took 3 tries, but with moms help to grab its bottom we got it out. [I say "it" because it's hard to tell the sex right now, although my mom did finally name it "Jade" because of these amazing green eyes.]

Jade let me hold her and pet her and she was purring. There was no collar, but she was obviously someone's house pet. We put her outside the first night to see if she would find her way "home" [we had to put her outside 3 times because she kept sneeking back in whenever we went to check on her] but all she did was meow and howl on our front porch ALL. NIGHT. LONG. It almost broke my heart. In the morning I peeked outside and she was gone. I came out into the kitchen and found her on our back steps, on her hind legs, with her paws pressed against the sliding glass doors, still yowling to be let back in. When it started to get cold and rainey Mom decided she needed to at least be in the garage until we figured out what to do next.

Mom is making posters for the area, but for right now Jade is housed in our garage with an ample supply of food, blankets and a litter box. She is not in the house [yet] because my mother is HIGHLY allergic to cats. In fact, she has always disdained cats, dogs and other animals. She is just not a pet person. In fact, I had to give away my darling kitty Buddy when I moved back home after law school to comply with Mom's strict "no furries" policy.

Jade changed all that. If we don't find her irresponsible original owners I think she will end up in our house. Mom is checking on allergy shampoos for the cat and perhaps some medicines for her to abait her symptoms. This weekend Jade is scheduled for the rabies shot clinic and has a grooming appointment. We'll see what happens. She is SO adorable and lovable, I hope we get to keep her.


At 10:37 PM, October 13, 2006, Anonymous eve said...

you're still in the job market? i thought you had a (non-lawyer) job that was working out?

sorry to hear things aren't working out the best for you right now. i'm still thinking good thoughts and crossing my fingers for you! :)

At 10:26 AM, October 16, 2006, Anonymous Jen said...

Jade is such s cutie! I hope you get to keep her. She does seem like a little fuzzball that could melt even the most allergic hearts.


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