Sunday, August 13, 2006


I have not updated in quite some time. I'll give anyone interested the condensed version.

I am no longer temping. I have found a a position acting as a quasi social worker. It's what I would describe as triage. People call a hotline with problems and the people who staff the call centers give the client information and referrals to different social service and charitable programs that might be able to help them. Apparently these call centers exist all around the country. I never knew about them before, but it's a great service. I was somewhat surprised that the listening skills, problem solving and attention to detail that lawyers use are also prevalent in my new positon. The job is very interesting, although I have to learn how not to feel like I have the weight of other people's problems on my shoulders when I leave work. Of course I still want to work in the law, but this is a good place for me right now and at least I know I am helping people in some capacity. If you are in need of help, find your local help line HERE.

My personal life has been a whirlwind. Last weekend I went to see a friend's art exhibit in Philadelphia at First Friday, then the following night went to a Dixie Chix concert in Atlantic City at the Borgata [free tickets AND great seats, can't beat that!].

This weekend I had a wedding and next weekend I have yet another wedding. I love seeing all my friends, but WOW, it's been crazy! The other kink in my plans is where the title of this post comes in. The rear end of my car was essentially ripped off on Saturday night. A drunk driver slammed into my car and SIX OTHERS on some crazy trip through the parking lot of the hotel where the wedding was being held. It's very unsettling when you are enjoying some festivities and suddenly the police come looking for you and then you go outside to find that your car has been rammed into the entire line of cars next to it and everyone is now pretty much perpendicular to the parking spots!

Thank goodness no one was hurt. Thank goodness my car still runs. I was initially upset, then I decided it wasn't worth it to let it ruin my evening. Then I came in and saw the bride crying - a lot. She felt bad. It was then that I became very, very angry at the person who not only ruined my car but my friend's wedding celebration. One of the other wedding guests suggested I talk to a lawyer about the situation. "Do you know any lawyers you could ask about this?" Queue the snickering from my college friends at the table. "Yes, I'm pretty sure I can find one." We'll see what happens after I get the accident report. If nothing else I'll expect a check from the guy's insurance company. Let's hope the rumor about him driving a stolen vehicle isn't true.

A million kudos to my law school roommate who traveled across state lines to pick me up and bring me back to her place so that I did not have to drive my mangled car a long distance home without assessing the damage in the light of day. She let me crash at her place and the next day she made her amazing meatballs! Those meatballs could win awards - seriously.

So, in a nutshell that's what has been going on with me. I'll have to keep the juicier details to myself since my new boss reads my blog. ;)

Kidding, I wish I had such details, but seriously, you can't say my life lacks excitement!


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