Friday, August 11, 2006


Tell about a toy you remember from your childhood.
I remember my favorite doll that was named Mary. It had a cloth body and plastic head and arms and its eyes opened and closed. Then this kid my mom used to babysit ripped the arms off it. I might still that doll somewhere in my parents' basement.

If you could make one thing in the world absolutely free for everyone, what would it be?
EDUCATION! college, grad school, PhD program etc. As long as you maintain a certain GPA and progress in your program [no 6 yrs to complete undergrad] everyone who wants to learn can. If you can get admitted you attend, end of story. There would be no saddling people with enormous debt once they graduate.

Approximately how many times per day do you think about your significant other?
none, can't think of something you don't have.

Main Course
What is something you believe in 100%?
I believe in karma, what goes around comes around and if you put energy out there it comes back to you three fold, whether it be good or bad, so be careful.

Name one thing you have done this week that you would consider a "good deed."
I took a call from a client who was crying and in distress, and even though I could not solve her problems, by the time I got off the phone with her she was laughing. I was glad I could lighten her mood, if only for a few moments.


At 12:06 PM, August 11, 2006, Blogger Rob said...

I hope if I have to call some company, I get someone like you!

Rob of UnSpace

At 3:07 PM, August 11, 2006, Blogger TC said...

Great feast! I love your main course and your dessert! Mine is served too!


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