Sunday, February 12, 2006


OK, so I owe a little bit of backstory. I've been alluding to my new employment situation recently. Here's the 411 for anyone who actually wants the details. The rest of you can just skip to the next entry in your blogroll. Anyway ...

About a month ago I was at "Ye Old Cell Phone Store" doing my thing. Sometimes, if the mood struck me, I would make sure it came up in conversation with a customer that I was in fact a licensed attorney. I didn't do this to brag or because I thought I was better than my coworkers. I did it because I was bored. Selling phones can be difficult if it gets busy or you get a combative customer, but it's not rocket science and I liked the look of utter shock I got when I told people that, yes in fact I had been to law school and graduated and everything. I was only keeping myself amused. I also figured out rather quickly that you can smell lawyer on another person. Any time I got an attorney, judge or law professor as a customer I could usually figure it out long before they told me. This was such the case about a month ago.

Customer needed help with settings on his phone. Mean customer or lazy me could [and should] send Mr. Customer straight to a tech, because well that's what they're there for. I was feeling benevolent and momentarily bored and the guy was jovial enough so I decided to help him myself since I'm more than familiar with most of the phones. *sniff sniff* I smell lawyer, so I ask. He confirms. I look him straight in the eye and say "me too". *insert usual look of shock here* This started a thirty minute conversation. I realized that I actually couldn't fix his phone issue so he went back to see a tech, but I followed and we continued talking. I was thrilled by the engaging conversation and appreciated all his advice. You don't get to talk law shop much in a cell phone store so I was pleased with the exchange. He gave me his card and told me that while he can't use anyone just now, he might know people. I'm thinking "yea right", but I decided to be positive. I emailed him my resume. Immediately he called me the next day - at work - to ask if I have any writing samples. I send those. Then nothing. OK, I expected that.

Then SURPRISE, I got a call from my mother that some hyper guy left a message for me there about a law job. I called him back from work. He was indeed super hyper and it turned out that he knew the attorney who was in the store, saw my stuff and wanted me to come do some per diem work for him. [I found out later that he never even read my resume, so I don't know what possessed him to call me, but I guess serendipity was on my side.] OK, so not a "job" per se, but per diem work I can do. Any real legal work is a good thing. So I went to meet this attorney. He is slightly older than me, brilliant and sarcastic as hell. Perfect. I also found out that, coincidentially, his law school buddy is a friend of mine from college. Now I have outside proof that he is indeed a fantastic, successful lawyer - and also slightly nuts. [The good natured debate in the courthouse parking lot where he called me a f*ckface on the first day we met might have been my first clue.]

He gave me some work and took me to court with him that first day. I guess all that studying and three years of school must have helped because he liked the work I did for him and gave me more. I spent the next two weeks working at both places and trying to cram legal work in between selling phones. No days off, do not pass go. It was awesome.

So he had this master plan where I rent his empty office, he covers some overhead and I bring in my own clients and give him a cut and he'll show me the ropes. That's a nice fantasy and all, but having just been admitted there is no way I am going solo. But he's a solo and he wants it that way and he doesn't want or need an associate. OK so per diem and still selling phones *sigh*. I need a regular paycheck, and health insurance and blah blah blah. My own shingle? I don't think so.

Anyway, to cut to the chase we had many discussions about the situation and finally through compromise on both sides I now work there full time as the first ever associate of Law Office of John Doe, Esq. I still have to bring in clients, but there is slightly less pressure now and I am learning a tremendous amount. It's not even the type of law I anticipated practicing, but I am fascinated.

So that's my story. I am completely thrilled and slightly nervous, but for right now it's all an adventure.


At 12:16 AM, February 13, 2006, Blogger cg-c said...

Oh I am so happy for you! Yeah! I'd love to hear more about the type of law you're doing...

At 1:00 AM, February 13, 2006, Anonymous eve said...

What an amazing story! It is so great to have a happy ending to a job search story!! (Or I guess I should say, an exciting BEGINNING!!) :) Congrats again.

Now sprinkle some of that job dust over my way... ;)

At 6:54 AM, February 13, 2006, Blogger Energy Spatula said...

That's really awesome! I seriously think that's a great situation and perfect for learning. I had a similar offer, and similarly would not be comfortable going solo -- I wish he would do the same thing, but he's just a little TOO eccentric to take me on. But I think that's ideal, and I'm glad it worked out.

At 8:05 AM, February 13, 2006, Anonymous Michael said...


Yeah, that solo practice thing IS scary if you're one of those people who's grown fond of, y'know, eating and such.

At 7:39 PM, February 14, 2006, Blogger legis said...

Hey this is great news! I am glad you landed this situation. You should learn a lot very quickly. Kudos!


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