Wednesday, February 01, 2006


A friend sent me the following email recently. I thought it was amusing/interesting enough to post. All names have been changed to protect the innocent/mentally disturbed.

It also got me wondering - what potential band names have you heard recently??
Years ago, a staple I was removing from a batch of papers stuck out at astrange angle. I showed it to my sister, Nancy, and said, "Dig the staple." She replied, "That would be a great band name." Since then, "That would be a great band name" has been our stock response to any odd phrase.

Nancy and her coworkers at Ye Old Candy Store have been keeping a list of other potential band names, assembled from their daily exchanges with customers and with each other. Their full list is below. (Note that some of these might work
better as album names.)

Too Hot for Buster
Fat Kids Always Leave Smudges
Elastic Slacks
These Tights Are Twisted
Panty Raid!
Nuts and Roofies
The Brittle Stack
She's Filled with Secrets
Snuggle Cheese
Icy Blue Fingers
I Paint Cellars
Big Peepers
Frog March Fanny
I Can See through Skeevies
Twizzler Shoelaces
Chubby Knuckles
Famished for Blondes
Revamp the Tramp
Stereotypical Monkey Odor
Electronic Tongs
The Unworldly Fashion
Three Banks and a Funeral Home
Inflatable Nativity
Shadow Skeevies
Dave Is Supersweet
Gnarly Snarls
Rubbernecking Sock Puppets
The Do-It-Yourself Iceberg
Medium Tasti
Religious Kickballs
Slippery Lobes
Spiderhorse Just Ate a Child!
The Skool Skeemers
Sucking the Smarts Out of Me
Fueled by Brew
Smiley Winkface
Phone Wang
Pure on the Lips
Pack a Wallop
Sluts Taking Fares
Dirty Peeps
Tainted Pizza

Also, while proofreading a new book a few weeks ago I happened upon another good one: "Mental Sphincter."
Rock on man. ROCK ON!


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