Sunday, December 11, 2005


I found this site via FARK. "The way you draw a house says a lot about your personality. You can use this site to draw a house, answer some quesions based on your drawing then find out what your drawing says about you."

My results:
Based on your drawing and the 10 answers you gave this is a summary of your personality:

Your house tells the world that you ought to be a leader. You are a freedom lover and a strong person. You are shy and reserved. If you've drawn a cross on each of windows, you always want to live alone. Once you have a problem, you need a friend with you. Your life is always full of changes.

When it comes to love, you shut yourself off. It's difficult to win your heart because you have decided to keep your feelings deep inside. You have a strong personality and you like to command, influence and control people.

You are not a romantic person by nature. It also safe to say that others don't see you as a flirt. You are self-confident and happy with your life.
OK, I agree with some of that, not all but some. However, the last paragraph is just dead wrong. I can be quite the romantic, even to the point of being mushy. I can be flirtatous, but only when I know it won't be taken seriously (for example I love to flirt with gay men), and while I can be self confident and happy, in my current situation of temporary flux while I job hunt these traits do not come easily even though I strive for both. However, I must say that looking for a job after having just been sworn in makes me infinetly happier than studying for the bar exam. It's all relative. :)

What does your house say about you??


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