Sunday, October 30, 2005


Well is appears that "Ye Old Cell Phone Company" is sending me to corporate for more extensive training. This is kinda kewl and a nice change of pace. Apparently not everyone in my position gets the benefit of formal training. Secretly, I am also a little relieved because it means I have a decent chance of being promoted if my worst nightmare occurs and my bar results are not positive.

However, this training has to happen soon, as in before the holiday rush begins. This means that conceivably it could be scheduled on the same day as the bar results come out. I can't really account for that though since NEW JERSEY WON'T GIVE US A DATE!!!! I don't want to be difficult or anything (shut up peanut gallery) but there is no way I am going to be two hours away and without internet access on the day those results hit. I don't even plan to be at work that day.

The schedule has pretty much been made for the month of November so I might have to do some juggling if it turns out I am scheduled to be in the store on the auspicious day. So please, PLEASE NJ BOBE for the love of all things great and small GIVE US A DATE ALREADY!!!

Appropro of this situation, I think it is downright rude of NY BOLE to post the re-taker's registration packet online before they even release the results (or even the DATE of the results). How about spending a little less time getting the re-taker's packet together and online way before anyone can even utilize it and a little more time getting the current results out, hmmmmm?? I'm thinking the 10,000 people who sat for the exam in July might appreciate that. (Even if I'm not one of them.)

Speaking of other states, under the umbrella of "ironic" is the tag line for the new Harry Potter movie. "On November 18 everything is about to change". That is also the day CA releases their results. I am thinking of GG et. al. when I think "damn right everything changes on that date".

Sidenote: A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Michael who recently found out he passed the Ohio bar!!!! Despite that fact that I don't know this guy at all outside of the blogosphere this positive news totally made my day!! Awesome job Michael!


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