Tuesday, October 18, 2005


This list was just so damn on point that I'm just going to repost it here, my personal additions are bolded:

[H]ere's a list of things I've heard enough of:

1. "Oh, I know you passed, you're just so brilliant."

Yeah. Brilliance is to bar exam as logic is to bar exam. And you don't get out much.

2. "So, when do the results come out?"


2a. "How long?"

Before Election Day.

"Mid-November" for me.

2b. "So, it could be anytime."

No, there's a day.

If only NJ would TELL US the day!

2c. "When is it?"

I'm not saying.

2d. "Oh, why not?"

Because then you'll call me up and bug me.

Because I want to wallow and or celebrate in my own time w/o my own personal paparrazzi.

2e. "Well, make sure to give me a call when you know."

I'm not afraid of calling you. It's you calling me that doesn't excite me.

3. "When you pass, we should have a cake."

I swear to God, if I see a congratulatory cake anytime before I have firm evidence of having passed, someone will be wearing a lot of congratulatory frosting.


4. "It took JFK, Jr. three times."

Oh, good. That makes me feel so much better!

Yea, as a re-taker I've never heard THAT ONE before! How much pressure could John-John really have been under?? It's not like he had to pass to get a job to pay his rent or anything.

5. "There's really nothing to worry about. The bar exam is taken."

Yeah, call me when you have a life threatening disease and are waiting for the results. I'll tell you there's nothing you can do about it, it is what it is.

THANK YOU Michael for putting it so well.


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