Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Today was a happy day. Why you ask? Because I got a new mouse [the computer kind, not the rodent kind] AND I downloaded my first ringtone, which was the theme to Law & Order.

The mouse thing has been a slight annoyance for years. I had an older mouse with annoyingly loud "clicking" and ball track movement and no center scroll wheel. Now I have the infra-red kind with the aforementioned scroll wheel and the clicking is blissfully quiet! This all occurred because the parentals finally got a new computer, which came with said mouse. My mother is so attached to her current electronic rodent [it has those annoying side buttons that let you navigate "back" and "forward" in your browser]. I suppose it could be worse, she could have a track ball. I CANNOT use those, I become positively spastic when I try to. So anyway I got this one - excellent!

The ringtone thing has also been one of those annoying things I dealt with cause, frankly how my phone sounds when it rings isn't a big priority. Sometimes I am just thrilled to be getting a call. However, first I had a phone that was older than dirt, then I upgraded so the only damn phone made by my provider that doesn't support DLing ringtones. This was all some time ago and apparently there have been some upgrades.

Anyway, I was poking around on Fark [my current obsession and it is ALL Pete's fault] and I came across a link that took me to Pimp Tones. Well it turns out they have the theme to Law & Order!! [They have Fraggle Rock and a bunch of other kewl stuff, but don't get me started.] It also turns out that they don't support DLs to Verizon - damn! However, this all prompted me to call my favorite phone lady [who is also a relative which is why I can ask her dumb phone questions at 10pm] and she told me how to use my phone to DL ringtones and LO & BEHOLD! they had L&O!!

So now, between the mouse and the phone I am one happy camper! This all goes to show how I am easily amused and def. NOT high maintenance. :)


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