Saturday, June 04, 2005


Apparently a woman in Peru bit off the testicle of a man who tried to rape her. The news item is short so I include it here in it's entirety:

Bizarre News Woman Bites The Balls Off Her Rapist May 26, 2005, 10:37:31

Thats Bizarre: A Peruvian women bit off a robber's testicle when he broke into her house and attempted to rape her.

Elizabeth Coz was disturbed on Monday (09.05.05) when Hemogenes Meza and his gang broke onto her ranch in a region in the remote Andes.

Meza is alleged to have tried to sexually assault the homeowner when she sank her teeth into his groin causing him need to have one of his testicles amputated.Surgeon Hugo Jaime said: "It looked like a dog bite. The man arrived with his right testicle dead and hanging by a thread ... there was nothing to do but cut it off."

The rest of the gang fled after Coz and her relatives began stoning them.

The feminist in me just wants to jump up and down and shout "YES YES!!! You go girl!"
The original link is here if you want to see for yourself.


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