Friday, May 06, 2005


You might see everything else of hers on the internet, but you won't see Paris Hilton's thoughts online anytime soon. It seems, according to a
recent interview by, that she doesn't know what blogs are and disapproves of the concept. (How you disapprove of something you just learned about it beyond me, but hey, stranger things have happened.) The young heiress had this to say on the topic:
Q: Do you read blogs?
HILTON: What's that?
Q: Um, they're these things on the Internet where people write about news and stuff.
HILTON: No, I don't really read anything on the Internet except my AOL mail. I don't like people who sit on computers all day long and write about people they don't know anything about.
Q: Paris, you just described my job.
(Her publicist, Rob Shuter, laughs.)

Am I writing about her right now, well yes I am. [Not that she'll ever read it.] And come to think about it, I do know stuff about her. As far as what I personally know about Paris Hilton, I know more about her than I do about some of my close friends! She has more info out there for public consumption than a seasoned politician. Do you know all the numbers in your friends' cell phones? Have you seen them having sex on video?? The world at large has seen these intimate details about Paris. So I guess that means I do know a thing or two about her. In fact, from reading this interview it is safe to say that she is a rather one-dimensional character anyway. How much is there to know?

Later on in the interview she goes on to say this:

Q: So are you really a ditz?
HILTON: That's just for the show.

Now call me crazy, but when your own publicist laughs at you during an interview your ditz status is pretty much sealed [if there was ever any doubt].

The rest of the interview is pretty mundane and lacking in detail and yes, the "I have no clue what is going on" vibe is certainly in the air. The interview is pretty much transcribed as the reporter didn't have much substance to work with to make it a narrative.

I think what really aggravates me about Mz. Paris is that she has all this opportunity and no real talent or intelligence to warrant it. She has more money that she would ever know what to do with and she doesn't appreciate it or realize that not everyone goes through life the way she does. Am I jealous - you bet your Louis Vuitton handbag I am!

It irritates me because there is no reason for her attitude or behavior or lack of apparent mental stamina. I have read the biography of Conrad Hilton. He was a hard-working, brave, intelligent entrepeneur who more than earned everything he had. Paris Hilton is the antithesis of her grandfather. She is spoiled and pampered to the extreme. She is famous for, well for being famous. There are plenty of other "rich kids" who don't suck the spotlight as much as she does [if at all]. Some people are born with money - I can deal with that. However, I don't agree with the whiney, self-indulgent blank stare I see from her. She could go to college, she could do charity work. She could even sit at home with her teacup dog and just shut up for five minutes and not embarrass her family's legacy.

I know I sound harsh and judgmental, but I just don't think she has any right to put herself out there when she can't even string together coherent sentences. She is not the least bit self aware and then she claims she is not a ditz. Not a ditz?!!? She is the poster child for the ditzes!

I can only hope she will redeem herself in her newest venture into the movies, House of Wax. Maybe she does have some talent in there somewhere. I won't hold my breath.


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