Sunday, April 17, 2005


Today's "just for fun" web site is the Longevity Game at As the site explains:
See how your lifestyle can affect you in the years to come by answering
just 12 quick questions. Your expected age will show in the tabulator in the upper left corner. Keep in mind your answers may increase, decrease, or have no affect on your expected age.

Well 12 easy questions I can do that ... OK so it turns out that based solely on my age now I would live to the ripe old age of 81. After factoring in my risks and lifestyle my longevity is predicted to be 79. That's not too shabby. What number did YOU get?? Share in the comments.

OK, OK, I hear some grumblers in the back complaining that this website wasn't that much "fun", and for some might have been a real downer. Well try this on for size: It's your favorite "pint sized" pals Ben and Jerry! While this site won't help increase your longevity [might have the opposite affect in fact], it is certainly under the moniker of FUN! Check out the fun online games, and screensavers, buy funky Ben & Jerry tee-shirts or even a "pint lock" to keep pesky roommates away from your half eaten ice cream!! I especially enjoyed the animated/video presentation on how they make their ice cream called "From cow to cone". The site is also hosting voting to resurrect your favorite retired flavor from the "Flavor Graveyard" to be made once again for your tasting pleasure! Come on back and tell me what flavor you voted for!

Check it out - go nuts!


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