Sunday, April 24, 2005


Yes, I know the weekend is still going strong, but since I wanted to post something today and haven't found any links that tickeled my fancy I decided why not. Also,
Pete suggested that I might want to post something "personal" on occasion rather than just discussing links and my never-ending annoyance at

I have been really sick recently and am finally feeling much better so some socializing was in order. Earlier in the week
Kim asked if I wanted to accompany her to a NY METS game on Friday night then crash at her place. Excellent plan! I decided to drive up early to avoid the special hell that only NYC/LI traffic can produce. Since I was going early in the day anyway I made plans with my former roommate Rae to have lunch on Friday since she works in Great Neck [for the geographicaly challenged, this is on the north shore of Long Island]. So, lunch with Rae then still some time to kill before meeting Kim after she finished work in the Mineola area to travel to Shea Stadium, so I headed south to see another friend, Kendra, in Franklin Square. Franklin Square is on the border of Long Island and Queens and after that my own insaneness struck me as I drove north-east to see Kim knowing full well we were going back to Queens for the game.

Well the game was wet - and cold. I was cold - and anyone who knows me knows that this doesn't even happen in the dead of winter during a snowstorm so you know it was chilly. We braved the game until the 7th inning when the score was 3-1 Mets and we were pretty sure they had it all sewn up against the DC Nationals. Having both been recently ill Kim and I took our hacking, coughing butts back to her warm apt. Also, I was becoming increasingly dejected as I watched the scores of the other MLB games that night on the scoreboard and saw that my beloved Bronx Bombers were losing terribly to Texas 1-5 [they did ralley a bit though and made it 3-5 as the final].

The seats were excellent though and I suspect on a warm, sunny day it's a heck of a place to catch the game even if it is that other NY team. Kim and I did some catching up and I was shocked when she reminded me that we had not hung out since July! I convinced Kim to go with me on a midnight diner run and then we crashed for the night. [Poor Kim had to get up early the next day and she was a good sport for entertaining me into the wee hours.]

I slept in the next morning, then got dressed and went to say goodbye to Kim over at her Karate school where she was teaching a morning class. I was all psyched to go to
Bagel Boss one of the BEST places for bagels on Long Island for breakfast which happens to be in the same shopping center. Imagine my disapointment to find they were closed for Passover! Being a kosher bagel store this makes sense, but I was hoping for the best given that Passover did not start until sundown - ce'st la vie.

Then I rang up a couple friends from law school who I had not seen in ages. Turns out Susan was out of town for the weekend for a wedding - STILL waiting to see the new house my dear! - but Cathy was hanging around and we spent the day together along with Cathy's brother's GF Amanda. Amanda has a teacup Yorkie and she is just adorable. We even took her to the mall! Anyway, after TWO different trips to the SECOND best bagel store in Long Island - A&S Bagels in Franklin Square [yes BACK to Franklin Square] I was satiated.

In the end, after some shopping and much galavanting around, we decided to go to see
The Interpreter which was much better than I anticipated. We went to the 10pm showing which put me in the car to drive back to NJ at about 12:45. I decided since I was wide awake better to make the drive then when I knew there would be no traffic than wait till the next day.

All in all it was an excellent trip and I got to see quite a few people that I have been missing, and got some updates on other mutual friends and acquaintences all around. Tonight is a gathering at my brother's apartment for his birthday and tomorrow I have a list of things I need to accomplish, not the least of which is my paperwork for my background check for the state of NY and a few resumes for some job postings that caught my eye as of late. If I am feeling really motivated I might even go over to the DMV since my license is up for renewal by month's end. This of course is also dependant on how my hair looks tomorrow. I know the picture will be horrendous regardless, but I can hope can't I?!

How was YOUR weekend?


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