Friday, April 08, 2005


Wow, two days in a row!! Since this is day 2 I figure I might as well give you 2 links. First there is "What Intentional Tort are You?" at It's a short quizz. Those of you in the legal field will find this especially amusing. Feel free to lob a "comment" my way and let me know what you are. For the record I was "Assault", which makes me menacing and mean but not a real threat, otherwise I would have been "battery". Hmmm, very telling.

Another interesting site sure to aid you in your procrastination pursuits is "How Stuff Works" at - shocker. Basically all that random stuff you always wondered but never bothered to research is there. You can learn about microprocessors, auto transmissions, and cell phones among others. And, it's not limited to technie stuff either. You can find out how credit scores work, how Krispy Kreme donuts are made or even how a tattoo is done. Go wild! Learn something new and exciting then tell me about it in the COMMENTS.

In PERSONAL NEWS I am still on the job hunt and unemployment will run out soon so any advice or leads would be appreciated!! I have a feeling this situation will improve dramatically once I actually get a law license. Results from the bar exams out sometime before Memorial Day - keep your fingers crossed!


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