Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Bar Exam Part I

Well the news is in, and it's not good. I failed the NJ bar exam. The good news is I think I know why - I was too damn tired that final day. My scores are crazy. My MBE, which is the middle day and counts for both states, was the best grade I have ever gotten. This means I knew the info, but just could not spit it out on the third day. This also means I have a decent shot at passing NY. [Those results come out sometime within the next week.] The MPT, which I did really well on during practice drills, was horrendous. Initially I was devastated, but now I think it had nothing to do with my intelligence and everything to do with not sleeping and being stressed for 3 straight days. *sigh* This delays all of my plans for the future and now I have to spend the holiday season studying, but I plan to retest in February and I have high hopes that I will be successful.

Just keeping anyone who might be reading updated....


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