Saturday, July 15, 2006


It's hot outside, the hottest weekend of the year thus far, here in the Garden State. Kick back and beat the heat with some cold, creamy ice cream. July is National Ice Cream month, and in fact, the third Sunday of the month [July 16 this year] is designated as National Ice Cream Day. That's TOMORROW for those paying attention.

In honor of the event I give you some frosty ice cream links:

International Dairy Foods Association

Be an official ice cream taster!

The history of ice cream

Ice Cream trivia

Exotic animal milk in your ice cream?

Those snazzy guys from Vermont: Ben & Jerry

Ice Cream Recipes from the Food Network

Wikipedia's plethora of info on ice cream

The science behind How Ice Cream Works

Why you get a headache after eating ice cream too fast

Dippin' Dots - the ice cream of the future!

Dairy Queen

Cold Stone Creamery - you create your own flavors and they mix it in a base ice cream on frozen marble, yuuuum


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