Saturday, June 24, 2006


THIS is my life! I don't know whether to be elated that it's finally out there in a general forum, or deeply depressed that it pushed the cold, hard truth right in my face. *sigh*
H/T to Russ & Mike over at Barely Legal: The Blog.


At 6:15 PM, June 24, 2006, Anonymous eve said...


At 11:51 AM, June 27, 2006, Blogger Brian D. said...

Okay I didn't want/expect to go into a big law firm earning 6 figures or anything close to that. Hey I had an entire career before going back to law school so I'm familiar with the job search.

Yet over a year out and I still don't have a legal job...WTF? I guess there are too many damned lawyers. I guess I didn't help myself by not being in the top third of the rankings. The profession needs to take a long hard look at itself. Perhaps law schools should look at the med school model and limit the number of people enrolling. That might get rid of those students who view a JD as a uberliberal arts degree.

Can you tell I'm a bit P'O'ed about this?

At 7:29 PM, June 28, 2006, Blogger russ said...

The first step to recovery is to admit you should have never gone to law school.

At 7:46 PM, June 28, 2006, Blogger TSC Girl said...

this from the same guy currently studying for the bar exam? I always wanted to go to law school, wouldn't change that, but I would change my grades and my school if I could. Ahh, but you know what they say, hindsight is 20/20.


What they need is a nat'l match system like med students get so that everyone has some decent experience and a paying job in the legal field upon graduation. I've seen plenty of open positions for lawyers, just not NEW lawyers. Exactly how are we supposed to get this experience if we can't get hired in the first place??

At 5:23 PM, June 29, 2006, Blogger russ said...

You had the choice to get better grades or go to a better school and you didn't take it?

At 6:47 PM, June 29, 2006, Blogger TSC Girl said...

If I knew then what I know now ..... I could have gone to a better school, but gave it up thinking it would be better for me to go to a lesser school that was in NY [as opposed to PA], then I got decent but not spectacular grades b/c I thought I didn't have to kill myself b/c I didn't want to wk in a big firm.

As I have said before, I usually tend to learn my lessons the hardest way possible. Sad but true.

At 9:17 PM, June 29, 2006, Blogger russ said...

So candid. Keep up the great blog. Mike told me about the event planner thing. Go for it!


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