Monday, June 19, 2006


Found THIS GAME, called Ant City, while surfing the web. Basically you are perched in the sky with a giant magnifying glass. The instructions tell you that if you hold down the mouse button you will concentrate the suns rays. Be careful, wouldn't want to hurt anyone. Yeaaaaaa right. If you're slightly sadistic and like a little God complex you'll enjoy this. The screams of the pedestrians are a nice touch.

Yea, I know horribly late with Friday's Feast again. Actually I could have been on time, but have been posting other things instead. I get brownie points for that, right?!
Confidential to the '06 Barzamers: No, you may not play this game until August. This is a time suck you do not need. The link will still be here 5 weeks from now. You do NOT want to have to study all over again come December, trust me.


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