Monday, April 17, 2006


Well it's about time!
Check out this interesting article from

Supreme Court Votes to Allow Citation to Unpublished Opinions in Federal Courts

It might be a good idea to look into your jurisdiction's unpublished opinion reporting system. I cannot speak for everywhere, but NJ's courts have been allowing citation to unpublished opinions for quite some time [depending on the judge from what I understand]. Such cases are routinely found via the daily digest called the Daily Decision Alert, which is an offshoot of the New Jersey Law Journal. Secondarily, Garden Staters can check out the Daily Briefing from the New Jersey Lawyer. [The former is a paid service, but a subscription gets you access to the entire past database of case summaries, then of course you pay per page for copies of the cases, the latter emails the summaries daily for free as long as you are a member of the NJSBA, case texts are also charged per page.]

I can't help it, the little researcher inside me is screaming for some sunlight .... I know I'm a law nerd, it's OK.


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