Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I must look like an idiot. It seems that way anyway. Today I was taught how to answer a phone while already on another call (ask the first party to hold, ya think?! Of course that would require getting a word in edgewise) and it was also explained to me how to type data onto a form template. (You mean you put the purchase order number where it says PO# ?? Well gosh darn!) At least these people are nice about it, except the owner who has the patience of a hummingbird on a meth/’roid cocktail. I really want to hand him a copy of my resume, especially after the comment about how he didn’t want me typing up the overseas shipping labels because it might be “too complicated” and required “attention to detail”. In all fairness he doesn’t know my background (nor does he care to know apparently) and as nice as everyone has been (sincerely they have been) I wouldn’t be happy anywhere unless it was in the legal field. I really must stop this whining. It is not getting me anywhere. Only a few more days to go, then I get to go visit friends in PA for the holiday weekend. Ahhhhhhh.

In other, non related, news I saw a truck on the highway after work. It had HUGE tires like a monster truck, a license plate frame that said “Eats RAMS and shits Chevies” (it was a Ford). It also had metallic flames on the front and back end and a front, fake plate that said “FATBOY”. I managed to be both in front of and behind this mammoth vehicle at different points of my trek. The piece de resistance (and I did a double take when I saw this) were the pair of silver, metallic testicles hanging from the back hitch.

Talk about a classy ride!


At 10:08 AM, April 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bar exam pass rates depend on the number of new lawyers that the state wants practicing in that state.

if the state wants 800 new lawyers, the bar exam scores are weighted so that around 800 people pass the bar exam.

it sounds like your state had too many people admitted to practice in a year where there weren't enough jobs for new attorneys.

i'm not saying that you - personally - should not have passed the bar exam, but maybe somebody out there who shouldn't have passed the exam now has the job that should have been yours.

the pass rates for states like wyoming and north dakota are extremely high because there is actually a demand for lawyers there. there literally aren't enough laywers to serve the populations of those states.

the bar exams for new york and california are considered "difficult" not for their content, but for the fact that there are so many people taking those exams to practice in those states but the states limit the number of potential new attorneys. the exams themselves for all the states are virtually identical in content.

what if you went to another state to practice for a while so you can keen your skills? there are a lot of less-populated states that will let you waive the bar exam if you're willing to practice in that state.

just a thought...

At 11:10 PM, April 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The image of that truck makes me laugh. Spanks! T


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