Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Just for some superfluous fun:

Halloween is coming and these pumpkins are amazing!! A couple of examples:

There are many more - go check it out!

Then there is this bizarre link via Georgia Hammer about a special blade for shaving your head! Who knew such a thing existed, but it's an excellent idea, there is certainly a market for it. Luckily most guys realize a shaved head and perhaps a nice goatee is greatly preferable to a comb-over. [Who thought up that ridiculousness anyway?]

Oh yea, and today was my last day serving over-priced coffee. *sniff* Perhaps I will go back during the holidays. I won't miss the low pay or standing on my feet for umpteen hours at a time, but I really do like the people I was working for and with. I'll miss that part of it for sure. [And damn will I miss that employee discount.] Even a crappy job is made a million times better if you enjoy the company of the people you are working with.

Monday I start hawking cell phones. [Provided certain seemingly inept parties find the results of my drug test which are apparently lost somewhere in the Garden State.] All this on my journey to [hopefully] practicing law.

Happy Tuesday.

In my CD player right now: A compilation of French love songs - I don't understand a word, but they are beautiful nonetheless.


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