Thursday, September 15, 2005


The Center for Diesease Control (CDC) has published a news report on the sexual habits and proclivities of Americans.

It appears that more women than ever are experimenting (or willing to admit they experiment) with bisexuality. The survey, released Thursday by the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics, found that 11.5 percent of women, ages 18 to 44, said they've had at least one sexual experience with another woman in their lifetimes, compared with about 4 percent of women, ages 18 to 59, who said the same in a comparable survey a decade earlier.

The findings on bisexuality and other aspects of Americans' sexual habits were taken from the National Survey of Family Growth, which included 12,571 in-person interviews, done from March 2002 to March 2003.

Let the drooling begin ...

In my CD player right now: Sugarland - Twice the Speed of Life


At 10:30 AM, September 24, 2005, Blogger Wayne said...

11.5%? Is that all? I thought it was much higher. I am very saddened by this fact.

At 10:31 AM, September 24, 2005, Blogger Wayne said...

But it at least explains why I get slapped across the face 88.5% of the time.

I got that going for me.


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