Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Well, I promised a post on my weekend. I had a great time, whether you will find it as riveting is anyone’s guess. Friday I slept late (fabulous experience, highly recommend it) then I set off north to visit an old college friend I had not seen in over a year (maybe even two!). It was almost a two hour drive and I took full advantage of that. First I sang along with some music, having not heard any in quite some time. The only thing going in my ear for the last few weeks was Bob Feinberg and the rest of the PMBR crew.

Off topic: He is being sued! Well, now he can join BarBri and Kaplan and they can all cry in their beer together about their impending litigation – but I digress.

After some spirited singing in the privacy of my car, I grabbed my cell phone (and headset) and attempted to make contact with some people I have been missing. As I said in my previous post, a lot of people have been very patient and understanding at both my manic moods and utter distraction as I prepared for the bar. I also came home Thursday from the exam to a slew of emails and voicemails wishing me luck and asking how I was. I still owe a few people calls. Rest assured, if you left me a message I will eventually return your call!

Anyway, after several loops around the block to find parking I finally made it to TM’s apartment. I was overjoyed to see her as it had been really much too long. We relived our glory days in college and in general had a great time. I love when you are such great friends with someone that you meet up with them after a long time apart and it is as if nothing has changed. We both agreed that while we don’t particularly miss the classes, we really do miss living within walking distance of all our closest friends.

TM took me to Rutt’s Hut at my request. It is a “New Jersey Institution” and after hearing about it for years I had to check it out. I had heard personal recollections from family several times, but the main idea I got from the numerous times it was featured on the Food Network was that the big draw was the hotdogs. Apparently they deep fry them in hot oil until they split or “rip” open, thus giving them the nickname “rippers”. I tried it. It was tasty. But when it all comes down to it, it’s just a very greasy hotdog. Luckily I was still packin’ antacids left over from the bar exam.

Our next stop was the track. I had never been there either and it seemed like as good a place as any to hang out for a bit before hitting the bars. I was all about freedom this weekend; no schedules, no deadlines, just going “wherever”. The first race we watched I bet on “Copy Righter”, it seemed appropriate. TM’s horse was knocked out of the race (literally) and mine came in third. What I didn’t know, this being my first visit to a track, was that you have to bet the horse to “win, place or show” in order to get paid for a third place finish, which TM neglected to tell me. She explained that this was only her second experience with betting the ponies and I immediately forgave her. The next race I bet on “Lovely Shark” purely for the attorney reference. He started out well then lagged behind and came in near the back. That time I bet to “win, place or show” so I lost $6 instead of $2, but it was still fun.

TM and I had enough of horse racing so we dropped the car at her apartment and walked to the local bars. We hit three places all in all. I wasn’t into the scene, I was just pleased as punch to be saddled up to a bar, drink in hand, visiting with my friend, not even remotely caring about the exceptions to the hearsay rule. TM is a vehement Mets fan, and I adore the Bronx Bombers. Baseball was on TV everywhere we went so that sparked some spirited conversation and we just caught up on each other’s lives in general. I was dismayed to realize that the main focus of my life has been the bar exam for quite some time. I am going to have to make a serious effort to change that. It was fun times and TM had to remind me not once, but TWICE of our old college adage, “You have to drink PAST tired.” Aside from the oppressive humidity we had a great time. Incidentally, TM paid the tab, isn’t she good to me?! I really am blessed with some amazing friends!

I crashed at her place that night, then set out the next day to go one town over to see a friend I worked with before law school, DC. She updated me on all the office gossip and her life in general and took me out to lunch. (See what I mean about my friends?! Fabulous personalities AND generous.) I hung out with her all day, thoroughly enjoying every minute. I had initially intended to "stop by" but my lacadaisacal attitude towards a schedule changed that.

Afterwards, I scooted further south to meet some other former co-workers at a comedy club. I don’t know if everyone found it as hysterical as I did. Maybe it was just the joy of being out in public rather than quarantined in a small room surrounded by books. The funniest part of the evening was at the end when I was standing in line to use the ladies room. A very slim, tan girl, in her early twenties somehow got ahead of me while her friend was behind me in line. Consequently they were having very animated conversation “through” me. Suddenly, one girl looked at the other with intensive seriousness and said, “OK, I have a Jewish question for you. I have to go to an Orthodox funeral tomorrow, can I wear sandals?” I started to snicker. I could not help myself. I laughed because I have asked that very same question! (Although at the time it was in reference to a wedding, not a funeral.) I have a few very religious friends from law school and these issues do arise. However, I think it was the circumstances that had me amused. After all we were in a comedy club in line to use the facilities and the girls were stereotypically Barbie-esque and could have been stand-ins for the movie Heathers in a heartbeat. I could just picture it, “Like OMG Becky, like what am I doing to wear to this funeral. I, like, don’t have like ANYTHING that says ‘stylish mourning’.”

After a minor tiff with the parking garage attendant I made my way homeward. (Validated does mean you don’t pay right?! Just checking, because this woman informed me that I was only “validated” for an hour which seemed odd to me given that the show is always longer than an hour, but I produced the additional $8 mainly because I was glued to my cell phone again and was not in the mood to argue.) I decided to stop and see a favorite aunt of mine who I had not seen in quite some time who was on my way home. True to my weekend trend of just meandering along I stayed longer than anticipated, but it was good to catch up with her. This prompted a phone call to my cell on the drive home at 1:30am. Anyone want to guess who it was? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?? It was my mother and *poof*, I was transformed back into a teenager when she demanded to know where I was at that time of night. I guess I can’t blame her too much for worrying since I am staying with her and it was late, but the exchange did elicit an exasperated “Will you stop mothering me!” from my end of the phone. (Shut up, I know, she IS my mother, damn that logic!)

Sunday I slept late again (Did I mention how great that is? OK, just checking.) then had a very long overdue date with Harry Potter. (Oh you hush, it’s a fun read and WAY better than the Rule against Perpetuities.)

So, all in all it was a fantastic few days. No over the top antics or anything, didn’t need to call anyone to post bail but I was out in the world and did NOT feel guilt about not studying!


At 9:25 AM, August 03, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps "they" call the hotdogs rippers cuz of the handy dandy split down the middle into which you can ladle your relish and mustard, but generally speaking the name has much more to do with what happens after you eat and digest them. Yes, leave it to me to make a fart comment. Love ya, DC


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