Sunday, May 16, 2004

Guidelines for Home Schooling Part II

OK, responding to Pete's comment from my April 13th post here, since apparently I got long winded and my response wouldn't fit in the comments box grrrrrr. Anywho:

I always wondered about basic guidelines for parents. You need a license to catch a fish, get married, drive a car... but please, everyone procreate all over the damn place! There are exhaustive background checks for ppl attempting to ADOPT children, but if you have working biological equipment you get carte blanche?? I have debated the "licensing parents" thing time and again in domestic law classes, and it is a slippery slope. Who gets to decide, what happens if you don't qualify and get pregnant anyway? What about mandatory sterilization? It goes on and on.... but I digress.

My whole point about home schooling is that if parents are screened, then at least it would be an early warning system. It could identify potential problems and begin the process of addressing them. Home schooling is SLIGHTLY analogous to private schools, but in a private school there are other teachers, admin staff, etc. A slighty psycho home schooling mother is home ALL day, ALONE with her children. The potential that she may snap and the danger she might place her children in is so much greater than traditional classrooms settings.

Having a warning system, or a safety net of some kind is all I am saying we need. It might not prevent EVERY instance of a mother losing it, but even if it saves just one kid and his siblings, doesn't that make it worth the effort?


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