Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Philosophy and Books and Me

So, it's been awhile since I posted. But I knew I was in no real hurry since I have the distinct suspicion that no one visits the site, but oh well, here I am. I am staying with the parentals for the time being and job hunting. [Not as easy as I had hoped.] Law school is over and the bar exams are just a gnawing thought in my gut as I suffer through the horrendous wait between now and late November [YES, November!] to get the results.

So here I am, staying with family, unemployed and broke and very, very bored. My spirits sometimes like to take a nosedive given the circumstances and I was feeling particularly dejected a couple of weeks ago. It dawned on me that I needed some positive fodder for my brain. Enter my favorite author of all time - Robert Fulghum.

His reading is good for the heart and soul. I am currently just beginning to reread another of his books, having devoured three of them already. I was pondering how much I enjoyed his work [I could go on all day about how much I love his books, but I'll leave it to you to make that discovery for yourself.] I discovered one of his later books when I was in high school, and now 10 years later I enjoy them just as much, if not more. By the second chapter I was hooked and just tonight I finally decided to "Google" him. Turns out the man has a web page! [No email mind you, but a bona fide WWW all his own.]

Now I have spent a good amount of time singing his praises and drafting imaginary letters to him in my mind, some random thoughts and some commentary on his writings. I doubt he cares as much about what I think as I do about what he thinks - in fact he probably wouldn't care much at all - but I digress. But now, to discover that he has a website! I wanted to share this newfound info with the world at large! Now instead of jabbering on about how great he is and trying to effectively capture and communicate his essense I can point people to his website! Hmm, now how to communicate this to people, I need a forum, hmmmmm. A duuhhhh, I have a BLOG for just that purpose. And so, here it is, noted again for those not paying attention several paragraphs above:

Go ahead, read some. Buy a book perhaps, and enjoy. The perspective is astounding.


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