Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Well, the garden is doing nicely. I am very pleased with the herbs for the most part. The basil, thyme and dill are looking good and are also quite tasty! I weeded like a mad woman, and within a week they were all back [arrgh] so I'll have to include pics at a later date after I weed again.

The cilantro seems to be drying out for some reason, and I had to put a tomato cage around it because it became so tall that it was falling over. The parsley seems to want to grow UP as opposed to OUT too. So, while the stalks are nice and healthy, there is a distinct lack of actual leaves. The mint is multiplying faster than a rabbit, and I did make a batch of mojitos with it back on Memorial Day that were delicious!

The rhubard is boring since the "fruit" part grows underground. I was most worried about the corn. I have heard that corn is difficult to grow, then I heard that if you plant it in a straight line [which I did] that it won't pollinate. I figured the worst possible scenario was that I would end up with home grown Halloween decorations that never bore any veggies. Then just today my mom spotted this .....

Baby corn!!!!! I am so excited!!!! More garden news to follow . . .



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