Thursday, November 17, 2005


Well I have not posted in a few days, I am still trying to catch my breath. I really want to tell the story of how the whole thing went down Tuesday night, but I'll have to get to that later. Today I got my official letter that I passed. I made my mother drive it over to "Ye Old Cell Phone Store" because I could not wait another moment to see my name. Somehow my ID number on the website was not enough.

Mom: "You'll be home in four hours, can't you wait? I can see in the window it even says 'I am pleased to inform you' so it's not like there was a mistake or anything. You really did pass."
Me: Bring it over NOW please.
She brought it over, thanks Mom!
One thing that shocked me though, my MBE score was the lowest it has ever been! Not only did I score lower than my previous attempts, but the MBE is worth more than it used to be. I must have rocked the essays. My dad just said "Shut up and don't ask questions." Sounds good to me.

Yesterday I went to lunch with some people I used to work with in a firm last fall. It was a temp position, but they were there to hold my hand and let me cry when I failed last November so it was important for me to celebrate with them now that I finally passed. Last night I went to dinner with a co-worker/new friend and her husband. Sushi and gossip - good times! Tonight is wine and hot tubbing with a couple gals from work. Saturday night dinner at my favorite restaurant with the family. My father, who can usually be kindly described as "frugal" said to me "The bar is open and drinks are one me! I don't care if we have to carry you home!" Damn, just damn. My aunt likes to tease me that he is so happy I passed because I will finally move back out. She's prolly partly correct!

OK that's all for now. I'll be thinking of the west coast folks tomorrow.


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