Monday, March 29, 2004

I found MY Spot

Since I seem to be on a roll today, I figure what the hell, three times the charm! Post #3 for today:

A lot of people seem to be using this site recently and then posting their results, I don't want to be left out!

1. Norfolk, VA
2. Charlotte, NC
3. Richmond, VA
4. Philadelphia, PA (yea, grew up around there anyway)
5. Long Island, NY (nope, live there now, nice place to visit, but I don't like living here, too much like Alcatraz w/ traffic)
6. Phoenix, AZ (ohh yea bay-bee!)
7. Chesapeake-Virginai Beach, VA
8. Tuscon, AZ
9. New York, NY (love it, but too much $$$ and not enough grass)
10. Hampton, VA
11. Greenville, NC (what is all this stuff south of the Mason-Dixon line??? Am I southerner at heart?)
12. Rocky Mount-Stony Creek, NC
13. Raleigh, NC
14. Durham, NC
15. Manhattan, NY (and this is different from #9 how??)
16. Bergen-Passaic, NJ (land of malls and the Sopranos? I think not.)
17. Scottsdale, AZ
18. Wilmington, DE
19. Wilmington, NC
20. Chapel Hill, NC (apparently I am meant to live in NC. Go figure.)
21. Pittsburgh, PA (not close enough to the ocean)
22. New Brunswick, NJ (very nice! that was my target all along!)
23. Carlisle, PA
24. Oklahoma City, OK (Hell no. what did I say at #21?! CLOSE TO THE OCEAN!)